Apr 05 2017

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I tought i should let you know some more details about me, my personality, so you can picture myself and understand my personality better. As an independent escort girl in Northamptonshire, i respect myself, i have high standards of living, i love to spread around me a feminine attitude, positive vibe( this is a very important part i my life). I love reading( i am into self motivating and self educating books), doing gymnastics, eating healthy and studying. I consider that everyone should learn as many things as possible during their lifetime. I like to meet gents that i can talk about various subjects, exchanging culture ideas, sexual fantasies and as you probably expect, i am a very good listener. Northampton independent escort is what you should expect, a friendly women,sexy, ready to listen all your problems and if you allow me to give you an advice i will do it, or i am happy to just be your sexual psychologist. I don't know if there are many Northampton escort girls as friendly and welcome as i am, because many of my clients they are very surprised when they meet me and spend their time with me. I am a realistic escort girl in Northampton, that have principles,rules and future plans same like any other young women. I study business management and i am doing escort service in Northampton to afford the cost of my university, my living costs and treat myself. To keep my body fit, have my nails,hair and beauty treatments is cost me money( just in case you guys you might wonder what a Northampton escort girl is doing with her earnings). Yep, i love gentlemen's who understand this part of my life and is not asking me to negotiate my charges. Life is tough, costs of living is getting higher and higher this days,so please do not bother yourself to ask me for cheaper rates, I'm not the Northampton escort girl for you. For gentlemen's who want to spoil me here are some goddies that i would love to have them as a gift: --- any kind of jewellery --- gift cards ( with receipt inside) --- Jack Daniels, Champagne, Hennessy Fine de Cognac,REMY MARTIN VSOP --- you can take me for a shopping trip --- i love flowers, so you can bring me anytime, they are welcome. I have many other things in my head that i would love to have them, but if you are a generous gentlemen and want to impress me, you welcome to buy me one car, i really need one :) That's it for now. Hope you pictured myself and don't feel nervous before you meet me. Thank you for reading my blog and hope I will see you soon. Lot's of love from .

Samya Independent Female escort in Northamptonshire.